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Hi, I'm Brandyn Simmons - pastor, coach, writer, and speaker.  I am a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, trained Appreciative Inquiry Coach, and certified mindfulness instructor.   I am also Executive Director of Generations Care Partners Foundation - a 501c3 that focuses on helping congregations and clergy care for their caregivers and elders. 

Brandyn Simmons, MDiv, MBA, PCC
Founder and Coach

After doing my MBA in Japan and doing market and organizational development consulting for eight years, I discerned my call to pastoral ministry.  I understand ministry and church and all of the beauty and chaos that can be involved in both.  I've fallen flat on my face with poor decisions and communication.  I've had to tell my congregation that I was getting divorced.  I've tasted the bitterness of burnout.  I've also seen the amazing things that can happen when the people in a church become a cohesive team and serve their community with compassion and radical love.

I passionately believe that each of us has a true self that becomes blurred by our misguided ambitions and attachments.  It is my commitment to guide my client individuals and organizations to find their core meaning and the answers that lie within them.  In doing so, I am confident that my clients will have a richer, more meaningful existence.  This translates to increased productivity and stronger cohesiveness within organizations.

I am also passionate about the church.  I believe that congregations are poised to address the difficulties that plague society.  Healthy churches with a clear sense of call and purpose can affect great change while building the Kin-dom of God in their own pockets of the world - their communities.  Such ownership is needed now more than ever.  I feel strongly that the church can still be a base camp for great societal transformation, but it takes healthy clergy leading healthy congregations to make it happen. 

Such a task begins with the leadership of the church and the team discernment that happens alongside the wider congregation.  This is why I felt that, while I am called to pastoral ministry, I am also called to equip pastoral leadership and congregations to be the best that they can be through coaching.

I look forward to working with you to find your true self, shift through burnout to creativity and life, and unlock your leadership potential.

Brandyn Simmons, MDiv, MBA, PCC