© 2019 by Rev Coach Brandyn Simmons

Church Planting

So . . . .  You've got the bright idea to plant a church.  You've come to the realization that "church as usual" will not cut it anymore and it's time for something new.  You're excited about this new endeavor and you see endless possibilities for what your new church can do for your community.  Your heart beats faster every time you think about it.  But, your heart beats fast as much from the overwhelm as it does the excitement.  You realize that planting a church is like building a business - there are so many entrepreneurial skills that are needed.  


What if it fails?  What if nobody comes?  How do I know what is the right kind of church for my context?  I want it to be different, but how?   Welcome to the world of church planting, my friend.  I will journey with you on this noble quest to help you discern exactly what God is calling you to do, what your gifts are, where your passion is, and what your context needs - all the while providing the entrepreneurial resources that you need to make this amazing new thing a success.