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Clergy Coaching

Stories connect.  Rather than me telling you how I can work with you, let me tell a few stories of colleagues that I have coached to see if they connect with you:

Sarah was solo pastor of small and older congregation.  In her personal life, she knew that she could no longer remain in her marriage, but she didn't want any sort of fallout from the church that would damage her ministry and relationships.  Through coaching, we discovered new ways in which to approach individuals in the congregation to build stronger relationships and gain support for her decision.  Without having to get too personal with her flock, Sarah was able to create the cohesion she needed to move forward with the divorce and feel confident that there wouldn't be any blowback.

* * *

Sebastian was aspiring to adjudicatory ministry, but didn't feel like he had built the reputation or the skills to get there.  In our coaching, we discovered that he already had the tools he needed and the ways to build the relationships that he needed.  We worked through his "impostor syndrome" and journeyed together toward confidence and ownership of his many gifts and talents.

* * *


Tom was burned out.  He didn't find ministry to be fun anymore and began to wonder why he had even gotten into this vocation.  He felt disconnected from his congregation and it seemed that more and more people were moving farther from him.  He had great difficulty getting them to follow his leadership and people were becoming less engaged.  In our coaching relationship, we worked from burnout to generativity and a renewed passion for ministry.  Folks began to notice Tom's new vigor and responded in like fashion as the church gained vitality.

* * *

Natalie entered ministry feeling like she was a good leader.  Eventually, she seemed to hit a wall where she wasn't getting the results with her congregation that she thought she should.  She was quickly becoming frustrated in what she perceived as her inability to create shift in the church.  We worked together to recognize the skills that Natalie had and new ways in which she can use them.  We named some growing edges and she was then able to sharpen them to get the results she wanted.


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Topic-specific Group Coaching is also available around such topics as Divorced Clergy, Struggling with Call, Ministering to Aging Congregations, Burnout, Leadership Skills, and more.  Group Coaching is available both virtually and in person.  Contact me for more details.