© 2019 by Rev Coach Brandyn Simmons

Congregational Coaching

Somewhere along the way you realized that things just aren't the way they used to be and haven't been for a very long time. The world has changed and our churches are dying in droves.  Sure, there are thriving and growing congregations, but in the mainline, especially, church attendance is at an all-time low.  Congregations are being forced to ask themselves what their purpose is and if there even is one anymore.  


Should we just close?  Should we sell our building and try something new?  What is it that our context really needs?  These are all questions that are being asked every day by churches everywhere.  So, how does a congregation discern the answer to those questions?  Perhaps the answer is a simple matter of congregational development to tweak a few things.  Maybe the answer is a complete transformation.  This is something that can be discerned and implemented with coaching.

I utilize Appreciative Inquiry among other effective tools to guide the clergy and congregation to an understanding of what is needed for their particular situation and context.  Together, we will identify the gifts, hear the stories, and create a vision for the congregation that matches who they truly are. Then, I will work alongside your congregation to implement what has been discerned to create a more vibrant, thriving, and relevant church while protecting the traditions that need to remain sacred.

Conflict Transformation

Conflict is inevitable.  It's not unhealthy and does not have to be combative or detrimental.  Conflict is an opportunity for growth and transformation, but the right tools must be implemented in the right way.  

I am trained in turning conflict into transformation.  There are numerous types of conflict that arise in the life of a congregation that can all be managed in a way that not only is resolved, but leads to the birth of new possibilities and meaning.  


An "event" has caused a rift between the pastor and the congregation.  Trust has been lost.  Congregants cannot see eye-to-eye on finances, what traditions should be preserved and which replaced, or methods for doing ministry.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I will walk alongside you to turn any kind of conflict into new and fresh life for your church.