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Upcoming Events

Are you feeling burned out?  Maybe even asking yourself why you got into this gig in the first place?  You're not alone!  So many clergy are experiencing this and are headed for unhealthiness or already there.  With suicide, divorce, substance abuse, depression, and other rates through the roof for clergy, there is an epidemic of unhealthiness that has to be addressed.  How can we lead our congregations if we aren't healthy ourselves?

This is why I am leading a retreat at Pilgrim Park in Princeton, IL on May 7-9, 2019.  It will be an opportunity to recenter, experience solitude, find our True Self, and design an intentional life/vocational plan to sustain ourselves.  Reclaim the reason you said YES to the call and have a life that is healthy, centered, and intentional!!

Retreats are $299 and include all food, accommodations, and materials.  Contact Brandyn for more info or to book at brandyn@revcoachbrandynsimmons.com.