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Seminarian Coaching

You're a seminarian.  You feel called to ministry, but perhaps you aren't quite sure what form of ministry.  Maybe you know that you want to do parish ministry, chaplaincy, parachurch ministry, or even non-profit work.  Or, like many, maybe you know God has called you, but you're not clear on exactly where.  

Being called can be a daunting thing.  Sure, it's exciting that God has called us to this vocation, but it can also be scary.  With so many more seminary graduates than available churches, what is one to do?  I will work with you to find your gifts, passions, and the needs of your desired context to help you discern where to go and how to get there.  Together, we will come up with a clear plan that will lead to faster placement, less stress, and a more fulfilled career.

You're a seminary.  You want to give your students the best educational experience possible.  You want to ensure that they walk away with a sense of satisfaction as they quickly find placement in the right call.  

There are numerous ways that I work with seminaries to provide a coaching resource for seminarians so that they can plan for and find exactly what God has called them to:

  • Direct referral

  • Coordinated courses that I will teach at your seminary on discerning the call that will be coupled with multiple coaching sessions for each student culminating with a clear vocational plan

  • Work as a contractor with your seminary to offer vocational coaching as needed or as a requirement for students

  • Workshops on vocational planning that will also included one-on-one coaching.

  • Group coaching to maximize on cost effectiveness

  • I will also work with you to design options that will fit the exact needs of your seminary and students

The majority of coaching is virtual and well-suited for even your online students.  I am very cognizant that seminary budgets are tight, so I will work with you to ensure that there are minimum or no extra costs to the school and even result in positive cash flow.