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New Year's Resolutions: Part 4 - Physical Fitness

December 15, 2017


One of the most common resolutions that folks will set for themselves is to get physically fit.  It may be to lose weight, gain muscle, start a workout regimen, eat healthy, or any number of things that lead to physical health and wellness.  This is a noble undertaking that you can be successful at, but BEWARE!


First of all, if you are even thinking of getting healthy - DO IT!  You will be glad you did.  You will be making yourself healthier, setting a good example for your kids and those around you, and will be proving to yourself that you can set a goal and achieve it.  This goes a long way in building confidence and leading to more successes.  


The next key is to TAKE IT SLOW.  Don't try to overdo it and don't set unrealistic goals.  Sure, your end goal can be to lose 25 pounds or to bench twice your body weight, or to run a marathon, but don't ruin it for yourself by expecting instant results.  Instead, set smaller goals that will work you toward the big goal.  Then, after you achieve them, celebrate the milestones.


Split your training up so that it is manageable and measurable.  If you try to take it all in one big stride, you will fizzle out by January 5th.  Instead, take small steps that you can track along the way.  If you are going for physical fitness to lose weight or improve your physique, you may approach it like this:


Write down a manageable workout regimen targeting muscle groups.  Don't think that you need to workout two hours per day.  If you are working chest and triceps, for example, you can complete a good workout in 45 minutes by doing bench press, abs, triceps and repeat four times followed by cardio.  Don't sit on the bench on your phone between sets!  Get up and do the next exercise and then come back.  The same holds true for back and biceps days or shoulders and legs days.


Keep the weight you're lifting and speed you're running realistic and work your way up slowly.  Stretch before workouts or else you'll be so sore that you'll want to give up.  Check off the exercises that you've written down in your notebook before your workout as you do them so that you aren't tempted to skip exercises.  It will also help you to track your progress and give you more confidence as you see the improvement.


Finally, get a coach!  At least in the beginning.  This could be a life coach like myself, a fitness coach like Peter Kaufmann, or a skilled trainer at your local gym.  This will help you ensure that you're doing the right exercises for your set goal, keep you motivated, and give you accountability throughout the process.


Ready?  Set?  Go!

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